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Artworks by Jyne: The In-BetweenTime

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Like words that can dissolve a bond between lovers, the Sun cuts the ties between Winter and Spring. The In-between Time lingers as the invisible cord slowly disintegrates. It uncovers the decay of things long dead that blanket the fragile life trying to emerge. Its the solemn colours of greys and browns, of cigarette butts and soot. Nothing pretty about it. The Sun deceives as you run outside barefoot, just to feel the icy wind of Winter kiss your skin. It's the Waiting Time. It's a Creative Time. Time to plan what seeds you want to plant in a literal garden or a creative one. I plan my paintings, brainstorm my themes, pick my colours and sketch out my dreams. Take the time to go inward and start defining your inspiration. The heat of summer and time of action are right around the corner.

Happy Creating!

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