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Painting Blindfolded


PAINTING BLINDFOLDED:A Lesson in Letting Go of control

PAINTING BLINDFOLDED.. A Lesson in Letting go of control Black & White, Yes or No? Always wanting answers. Death & taxes are possibly the only ‘for sure” things in life. I’ve always wanted guarantees and absolutes. That things turn out the way you want them to. The scenarios you create in your mind whether it be a well thought-out painting, your career, your relationships, dreams etc, many, if not most don’t turn out like you wanted them to, hoped they would, imagined they could be. Letting go & trusting that things turn out exactly the way they should. Crazy concept & hard to grasp. The letting go of control. The ideas in your mind reach through your hand that holds the paint brush you use to create. It most often doesn’t turn out the way you thought. It can be so frustrating! I’ve walked away from many an art piece, hidden the canvas, so frustrated I can’t make what I wanted happen! I usually drag it back out, seeing it for what it is and just being in the moment with it. Picking back up the brush & starting to work with what is. Letting the brush and colours do their thing. I’m rarely disappointed. I rarely remember this. When I get in the state of “wanting”, of putting up barricades and barriers to try to change & control the ‘river” of life, I put on the blindfold. I put my brushes and hands in the paints and go for it! I’m in the moment creating. When the blindfold comes off there are no straight lines or perfect circles. There is beauty and awe. No disappointments. Remember this; as much as we want to have control over life, people, places, dreams, circumstance & painting, no one really wants a “paint by numbers” canvas as a life. Happy creating!

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