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The Messiness of Spring

The snow melts portraying the ugliness of things long dead; leaves decayed, last remnants of snow banks with soot embedded and colours of browns and blacks. Bleak. A reminder of whats ended. The in be-tween time. It reflects the sadness of the year before in its ending.

As we sit and wait, hold our breath in no time at all things begin. Buds start opening, plants sprout up and birds long quiet are up and singing at 5am. At last a new beginning!

Like all cycles of life; in life times, in seasons, in the every day what ends begins again.

Long forgotten hidden away art projects, dreams can come back to life. Dormant inspiration is refueled like simmering coals reignited into flames.

Soak up the Spring season. Let the newness, the energy to inspire you to embark on new projects. Plant the seeds of creation in art and in the earth. Pick up that brush, that chuck of clay, that pen..whatever it is and start. Spring is a time of action. The beginning of Spring can be stark and never ending but the beauty comes on fast!

Enjoy! & Happy creating!

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