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"I try to depict the beauty in the mundane & ultimately give a voice to those that have none"



Jyne Greenley studied Fine Art at The University of Toronto. Her main focus being Photography, Printmaking & Painting


Jyne has had various shows since 1998 which include:

Self-Portrait auto-portrait, thunderBay 1993

CabbageTown juried art show 2013/2014

Riverdale artwalk, juried show 2014

Haliburton Arts & Craft show 2015

Gas Gallery solo shows, member shows and group shows 2013-present

Rails End Gallery Elements show 2018/2019

WitchFest North group show “transformation” Oct 2019


Jyne’s styles vary from the abstract and mythical to landscape and Portraiture. Her works combine a variety of medium to create unique, bold and emotional pieces.


Her current works on stone & reclaimed wood combine photography, painting & mixed media depicting the natural landscape, myth, symbols & the beauty of the wild 

Jyne lives in Toronto, Ontario & Ravensong Retreat in Haliburton & tries to be in the woods & the wild as much as possible.

She combines hand made naural dyes, milk paint, charcols, inks in all her work as well as encautic waxes, including beeswax from her hive in Ravensong Retreat, as a natural finish


Please contact Jyne at for prices, availability of pieces and any other questions you may have


From Jyne...


Raven is a common symbol of death. Many people dislike, shun and fear the raven. Why do I have so many in my work? I made death an ally.

I grew up with lots of death, sometimes quite violent at a time of my life where I was quite impressionable. I was a child. Those feelings of “living forever” and being “invincible” were never a part of my vocabulary growing up. I saw death everywhere. I feared it. What I loved would be taken away. I would be taken away. That fear was a big part of my life until I got on a path that I resonated with. I took a 4yr course in Shamanic studies with some tough lessons and amazing teachers. That is where I befriended death. Death sits in the West, the physical world, the mineral world, and the colour black. Raven sits here. No one gets out alive.


Little deaths happen every day. The letting go of things that no longer serves you, the setting sun, the end of a habit etc.

It taught me to actually live. Now I live hard, love hard, I explore more and take risks. I don’t apologize (as much) for wanting too much, loving too much, expressing too much or doing too much. This day will never be back.

On days when I may see my expiry date or when I retreat, retract, get small, feel bad, hold back, feel misunderstood Raven metaphorically sits on my left shoulder and digs her talons in. A gentle reminder to get up, shake it off and go forward. She is always there. A beautiful reminder to live fully.


I grew up as Constance Jane Greenley. There were three people in my family named Constance, myself, my Mother and my Grandmother. The confusion was profound. I never went by my first name except for a brief, painful Kindergarten experience and due to official documents. Gov’t officials, Bankers & Medical personnel, use it.

I grew up mainly as Jane. Plain Jane. I never liked the look of it. It was horizontal and boring. No interesting loops or swirls.

When I was 17, I was painting away and when it came time to sign my name the “a" smudged and became a “y”. I loved it!

It wasn’t Jane and it wasn’t Jayne. It was Jyne.

My love of vertical came through. It was me. The rest is history.


Rails End Gallery

23 York St




Abbey Gardens

1012 Garden Gate Drv




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