A little bit about me…

JyneJyne Greenley grew up in Scarborough Ontario. She started experimenting with painting & drawing at a young age, taking art classes with the Scarborough Arts council. She continued her education at the University of Toronto Fine Arts Program focusing on Painting, Printmaking and Photography.

Jyne utilizes various styles in her work, ranging from abstract to the mythical, landscape to portraiture. Her work combines a variety of mediums, creating unique, bold and evocative pieces.

Jyne finds her inspiration from nature: the elements, the cycles of life, sticks & stones, earth, water and in the forests. It’s where she finds her peace and her strength. Her most recent works depict this inspiration, describing themes of nature as pure spirit, pure emotion.

Jyne has shown and sold her work across North America and Europe.

Selected CV:

Women Art & Power, AKAU Framing & Art Toronto 1993

Self-Portrait-Auto-Portrait, A National Photographic Exhibition, Thunder Bay, 1993.

Juried Photo Show, Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts, 1993

Bear River Art Gallery, Bear River Nova Scotia, 2002

Toronto City Hall, Art for Cancer Foundation, 2012

Gerrard Art Space Gallery, various group shows, 2013

Cabbagetown juried Arts & Crafts show, 2013

Artscape juried monthly Art & Craft shows, 2013

Gerrard Art Space SOLO show: Symbols, Patterns & Cycles, Nov 2013

Gerrard Art Space Members Group Show, April 2014

Artist Statement:

Art is sacred to me. It’s the soul’s voice. It comes from both a higher place and a deeper place.

My expression wears many hats; from wood sculpture, photography & painting to the abstract and the landscape. From the environmental and political to the spiritual and the beautiful.

My most recent works express the beauty of our landscape, the symbols of the creatures, the plants and the life around us.

I try to depict the beauty and the sacredness in the everyday. Show the spirit in the mundane and ultimately give a voice to those that have none.

I use stone tile & reclaimed wood for the base of my mixed media pieces. I use organic dyes, milk & clay paints and natural pigments in all my work.